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Wednesday 18 November, 2015 | RSS Feed

THE DISH ON SPINNING:New Balance Spring 16

As the indoor cycling craze continues to explode, more studios are popping up with their unique teaching style including elements like weight training, race-like competitions, dance moves and more. So how can you take advantage of maximizing your spinning workout? We sat down with Aly Raymer to get the dish. Aly is a New Balance Fitness Ambassador and Indoor Cycling and Yoga Instructor, known for her high energy, music driven, sweat drenching classes at B/SPOKE Studios in Boston, MA. 

3 Things NOT to do in a spin class:

  • Show up late. This goes for all types of group classes, but especially spin because of bike set up. It is imperative to use proper bike fitting to avoid injury and get the most efficient workout. Once the door closes at most studios, the lights go down and the music turns up. The first song is usually jumping straight into the workout, so you will be disrupting the entire room and also losing a portion of your training.
  • Put all of your weight into the handle bars. Proper form and technique requires that you sink your weight into your legs, not your arms. Stabilize your core and think light upper body and strong lower body. Press into your pedals and keep your hips low like you're doing a squat over the saddle. This will help engage your larger muscle groups like your quads and glutes rather than smaller ones like your calves. 
  • Don't knock it 'till you try it. Of course riding an indoor bike is never going to compare equally to a road bike. And just like yoga there are many different styles of spin now a days. Try it out, listen to your instructor and have fun. You'll eventually find the ride that you enjoy. Why not dance on a bike? Why not chase big numbers and work towards your PR? Whatever makes you sweat, embrace it and have fun! 

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